You don't need a Date to Dance!

You don't need a Date to Dance!
Singles & Couples all welcome at Anipal Prom
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Official Anipal Prom Blog

Official Anipal Prom Blog
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Visit NikePurrfektCat's Blog for Prom Details

Visit NikePurrfektCat's Blog for Prom Details
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First Anipal Prom

First Anipal Prom
June 8th, 5 to midnight, Eastern
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Let The Voting Begin!

An unfortunate mishap...spammers have invaded the voting via Comments on this post. Therefore I have closed all comment voting. All prior votes are null and void. To vote, one vote only per Anipal, you will need to email hermantattlecat @ gmail dot com. You can vote only those Candidates listed below. All other votes will be disqualified. You will need to state the name of the Anipal who is voting with their Twitter address.

Example: Tattlecat votes for Frankencat1 for Queen
Tattlecat votes for Dylcat1 for King
Tattlecat votes for DearClyde and Sadietime333 for Couple

I know, this is stoopid. Spammers are stoopid.

We have the top nominations compiled for King and Queen Couple, and King and Queen singles. These nominations were collected through email, DM and blog post comments. There were so many great Anipals nominated, but in order to pare this down, only those Anipals with multiple nominations were counted.



@SADIETIME333 (Sadie)

@CATS_MEOWS (Marie) and @MEWMEWMURPHY (Murphy)



@FRANKENCAT1 (Belle) and @TATTLECAT (Herman)


@BAILEYBUN1 (Bailey)




@CLAUDIAb53 (Duchess of Bramley)



@DYLCAT1 (Dylan)






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Nominations for Prom King & Queen

The crowning of the Queen and Prom King is the high point of every Prom. To be awarded the coveted crown is a proud moment of achievement. When nominating an Anipal for a crown, please consider the following qualities:

INTELLIGENCE AND KNOWLEDGE: This Anipal takes a sincere interest in fellow Anipals and remembers details about their lives.

EXTRA CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES: Are they members of the Whiskas Liberation Front, Bad Boys of Twitter, Pink Angels, Brian Bunny Super Fluff Crime Fighters, to name a few clubs? Do they work at #NipClub? Do they help make avatar’s for pawties? These are things to consider when nominating for a crown.

LEADERSHIP QUALITIES: Do they possess leadership skills and work together with others, organizing pawcircles, porches, getting the word out that a fellow Anipal is sick, or needs attention because they’re new?

EXTROVERT: Do they have an outgoing personality and an extroverted nature? They do not hesitate in making new friends or helping new Anipals mix in with a group. They make others comfortable in any gathering.

FRIENDLY: A friendly Anipal will not get embroiled in unnecessary controversies and fights, and will work towards harmonizing any unfriendly situations.

HAS A GREAT SENSE OF DRESS AND STYLE: They are creative and enjoy bringing their personality into their avatar.

@ScottytheBunny has suggested we vote for one King, one Queen and then one COUPLE King & Queen. I love this idea.

To nominate for Prom King, Prom Queen and Prom King and Queen COUPLE, please use the comment option below, or email Herman, Prom King & Queen Chairpurrrson, at Do not DM or Tweet your nominations. Comment or Email only, please.

One nomination for each category per Anipal, please. Take your time considering your nominations before your post your comment. The moderator (me) will not adjust last-minute changes.

You do not need to vote based on Anipal established couples. We aren't match making here, guys. Vote for your fellow Anipals based on the above criteria.

The nominations will close on Saturday, May 26th at midnight.

Once all the nominations are in, the 4 female and 4 male Anipals with the most nominations will be announced, and then you will be asked to vote for one King and one Queen.

The winners of the crowns will be announced at 10:05 p.m. June 8, 2012.

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